Faye Hadfield

A bunch of pots, smiling, falling in love, celebrating or sulking. You can put them together or isolate them. Works animated by smileys, sparkling, colourful, of all sizes. Faye Hadfield has a light-hearted way of touching us and, above all, making us smile!
Faye Hadfield - Happy-Vase-in-Abstract-Terracotta---back-Everywhere - Daguet-Bresson Art
Faye Hadfield - Happy vase in Love - Florian Daguet-Bresson ceramic Art - contemporary ceramic art
Happy Vase in Purple Dreams - Faye Hadfield - Contemporay ceramic - ceramic art
Happy vase - Faye Hadfield - Ceramic art - contemporary ceramic - Florian Daguet-Bresson
Happy Vase with Cross eyes - Faye Hadfield - contemporary Art - Ceramic art - Florian Daguet-Bresson
Faye Hadfield - Daguet-Bresson - Ceramic Art
Copper_Blossom - Faye Hadfield
Faye Hadfield - Daguet-Bresson - Ceramic Art


You can reach us from Wednesday to Saturday from 1pm to 7pm at
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