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Couleur, humour, fraîcheur. Force esthétique et excellence d’exécution. Les œuvres sélectionnées par Florian Daguet Bresson témoignent toutes d’une joie de vivre et d’une démarche artistique exigeante qui manipulent les sens. Expert en céramique de renommée internationale, Florian Daguet Bresson pose son œil aiguisé et enthousiaste sur l’art de la céramique contemporaine pour en exposer le meilleur.

Florian DAGUET BRESSON 2024 | Présentation


Enthousiasmé par la capacité de la céramique à troubler les sens, Florian Daguet Bresson met en lumière un art entré en ébullition par l’arrivée de nouvelles techniques, de découvertes scientifiques, de nouvelles matières et connaissances, provoquant des émotions esthétiques inédites.

Aux quatre coins du monde, des artistes précurseurs tels que la française Claire Lindner, le sud-coréen Jongjin Park ou l’américain Alex Zablocki, repoussent continuellement le champ des possibles. Leurs œuvres surprennent, captivent, désorientent, trompent l’œil, emportent le spectateur dans un univers où les codes sont bouleversés et où la céramique démontre son infinie plasticité.

Florian DAGUET BRESSON 2024 | Présentation
Portrait de l'artiste Simon Manoha
Œuvre de l'artiste Alex Zablocki, Multicolored stack
Atelier de l'artiste Alice Gavalet par Florian Daguet-Bresson
vue de l'atelier de Timothée Humbert
Superpoly - vase aux marguerites et grillage

Le marché de l’art de la céramique

Florian Daguet Bresson participe aux grandes foires d’art internationales, conseille et accompagne de nombreux esthètes du monde entier dans la constitution et l’enrichissement de leur collection. Entré dans une nouvelle ère, l’art de la céramique connaît une ascension spectaculaire sur le marché de l’art international. Révolution technologique et révolution esthétique suscitent l’envie de nouvelles collections alors que fondations, musées et autres institutions culturelles s’intéressent elles aussi de très près à la réinvention de cet art. Une révolution esthétique qui laissera quelques grands noms dans l’histoire de l’art.

Ceramics for ever,par Norman Rosenthal

The world of art is about looking back and looking forward in time. Arguably no flexible art form has quite the perfect potential for surviving into the infinity of time as baked clay-in other words the infinitely rich through all human history art of ceramics, and later when it came to be invented in China, and then by theft came to Europe, the fine related arts of porcelain. Yes of course there are the metallic arts of gold and bronze, not to mention stone, but fired clay has the unique ability to take and hold onto colour and never fade in any way. In the ancient world there were certainly as many paintings on a flat grounds such as wood or woven materials as there are in our own recent time spans, but of those as good as nothing survives, apart from some miraculously preserved frescoes and the funerary portraits of Fayum.

However there are, whether it is that to the East or West that we look, countless pots and other ceramic forms from every era that have survived without the slightest perceptual change, other than through breakage. The paintings, in the Louvre even by the greatest old masters, do not look exactly as they were when they left the studio, sometimes far from it -the chemistry of colour materials used causes them to change irrevocably. But the Sevres vase or drinking vessel, whether of the eighteenth century, or from the epoch of Art Nouveau, what we can see and love, is exactly as to those who first saw each piece, in all its intense and subtle colour and shape. And even if there is not quite the same sense of fetish that surrounds the name of individual artists that exists about the arts of Western painting and sculpture, the potential in ceramics for self-critical yet playful or deadly serious beauty exists in every age. This includes naturally, perhaps surprisingly for some persons and who might be inclined to declare the arts of ceramics “dead”, equally in our very own times.

For this exhibition, Florian Daguet-Bresson have assembled for us a remarkable collection of contemporary ceramics from all over the world that too speak of the endless imaginative thrills of colour combined with form. These too now be inevitably preserved in perpetuity thanks to various and complex firing methods – each the precise legitimate secret of the artist. These mysteries enable extraordinary shapes and subjects to come into being, and, each expressing the unique imagination and fantasy of each artist, who is also equally of course a highly skilled craftsperson. We are able see and have around us, in almost beyond real and intense colour, fantasy architectural model structures, forever burning candles, vases of flowers that will never die, softly coloured tissues in piles that will never soil, mysterious figures and faces. Humour and reflection is everywhere. Above everything there are riots of colour, pattern and original surface invention that like the ceramics of old intended to be taken to an afterlife somewhere or other, that too will all survive, if looked after and enjoyed with care, exactly as they are into something close to eternity.

Sir Norman Rosenthal pour Ceramics Now 2021


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